We offer a full service to provide information security of the organizations in accordance with the Ukrainian legislative and regulatory framework and international standards:

  • Inspection of information system (audit), includes the analysis of security of the enterprise on the basis of an estimation of information risks;
  • Model definition of information risks of the organization and the preparation of the treatment requirements (requirements specification);
  • Preparation of the treatment plan (to avoidance or reduction to comprehensible sizes) of information risks (technical project);
  • Delivery and installation of the equipment and software;
  • Preparation of the operational documentation (procedures, instructions etc.);
  • Acceptance test of information security complex;
  • Support of the implemented solutions or separate subsystems.


Audit of Information Security:

It is possible to audit for compliance to international standard ISO 27001 and also expert audit.

Result of works is the report on audit and, in addition, the recommendations about non-conformance removal.


Building Information Security Management System (ISMS) in accordance with international standards ISO 27000

Includes a full service to provide Information Security.

The result of works is implemented ISMS of customer, documentation in accordance with requirements of standards, readiness of system for certification audit.

 We offer the services in implementation ISMS in bank sphere in accordance with standards «СОУ Н НБУ 65.1» and methodical recommendations of NBU.


Commercial secret protection

We offer service to confidential information protection against leaks both from employees (insiders) and from outer sides (competitors, etc.).

The result of works is technical tools complex (hardware and software) and organizational actions (procedures, instructions, the trained personnel, implemented at the Customer, providing confidentiality, integrity and availability of the protected information.


Construction of complex information security systems (KSZI)

In accordance with the Ukrainian legislative and regulatory framework for protection of the information which are the property of the state, and also for the information with the limited access, requirements on which protection are stipulated by the law (for example, the personal data) should be implemented KSZI (complex system of protection of the information) information system.

We offer a full service to provide information security, development of system of protection, preparation of a necessary package of documents, support of examination KSZI.




Experience you can trust

Our team is able to implement projects of any complexity. Our experience was obtained as a result of the introduction of more than 500 projects in almost all industries.

We specialize in the design, supply and implementation of complex programs. Most - in partnership with world leaders: Microsoft, IBM, Cisco, Teradata, Oracle.

Global Intecraty during their work has developed over 40 own spetsresheny for large companies, banks and government agencies.