Specialists Global Intecraty in the market for IT-technologies for over 15 years. We specialize in developing software products of high complexity, in partnership with world leaders: Microsoft, IBM, Cisco, Teradata, Oracle. Experts Global Intecraty developed and introduced 40 modern software products and customized solutions, made more than 500 successful projects in finance, telecommunications and communications, energy, utilities, government, industry and transport.

Here are a few:


Prosecutor General of Ukraine

Building services LAN KSZI and maintenance:
• Design and construction of SCS (400h2 ports),
• Call a local area network:
— Windows AD;
— Database Oracle;
— E-Docflow Megapolis.DocNet;
— internal and external portals;
— services, corporate email and Internet access, the use of networking equipment Cisco and HP;
• Designing and building a comprehensive information security system;
• Support of IT infrastructure based on the SLA.

The Court of Appeal of Kyiv

Construction services for LAN, KSZI and maintenance:
• Construction of SCS (200h2 ports);
• Services Windows AD;
• RDBMS Oracle;
• Email-based MS Exchange;
E-Docflow Megapolis.DocNet;
• Internet portal;
• corporate email service and Internet access;
• antivirus / antispam subsystem (Kaspersky Lab),
• active network equipment-Cisco;
• Design and construction KSZI;
• Support of IT infrastructure within the SLA.

Ministry of Transport and Communications of Ukraine

Upgrading and maintenance of LAN-wide services:
• Building services Internet portal;
• E-Docflow Megapolis.DocNet;
• setting LAN (500 users) - Cisco;
• Mail services and planning (MS Exchange);
• antivirus subsystems;
• Support services IT infrastructure based on the SLA (2 years).

Ltd. "European Consulting Agency"

Design and construction of portal and KSZI:
• RDBMS Oracle;
• Win2003 Server;
• Content Management - Megapolis.
• Network Equipment Cisco;
• Means for monitoring security events and vulnerability analysis;
• Subsystem antivirus (Kaspersky Lab).

Ukrainian State Enterprise of Posts "Ukrposhta"

Delivery and setup 2-level hardware-software complex
• IBM System p5 (AIX, Informix);
• SAN in fault-tolerant configuration;
• reservation system - Tape Library + IBM Tivoli Storage Manager;
• Blade Center server applications;
• Blade Center: database, application server

Social security fund for temporary disability

Designing and building your network of technology-based MPLS (Board):
• 330 points on Ukraine (center-region-district), about 3,000 users.

Data centers and corporate services:
• Windows AD;
• Corporate mail MS Exchange;
• Applications management business processes;
• portal sites with 27 regional directorates, with the balancing of the load;
• Network Equipment - Cisco;
• corporate IP-telephony and conferences (Cisco);
• Cluster Oracle RAC;
• server and SAN hardware - IBM;
• Centralized monitoring and control;
• Control circuit and uninterruptible power supply.

Provinces, districts:
• Installation of equipment (servers, peripherals, network equipment)

Support DC-3 years.


Designing and building an information security management system (ISMS) based on ISO27000:
• audit, risk analysis, risk treatment, implementation of controls, the development of documents

Providing the trade secret:
• development of complex organizational and technical measures;

• Regulations on trade secret (order processing, duties of employees, non-disclosure agreements, etc.);
• Deploying PKI infrastructure based on Microsoft;
• Authentication and key data storage means Aladdin eToken;
• Secure access to Web services-based PKI;
• Digital Signature and Encryption for email based on MS Exchange;
• Using MS Sharepoint Portal to construct the processing of financial documents on the basis of MSSQL database encryption (technology TDE);
• Implementation of measures to protect against leakage of technical channels.

Design of business continuity management on the basis of BS25999 (BCM):
• Analysis and construction of models of business processes
• Risk analysis processes (operating risks, operational, financial, political, etc.)
• Development of measures of process risks.

Trust Bank

Supply, installation and configuration server equipment Hewlett Packard.
Supply, installation and software setup Oracle, Novell


Supply of server equipment Hewlett Packard.
Delivery of Oracle software

Bank Biznesstandart

Supply of server equipment Hewlett Packard


Architecture development server infrastructure.
Supply of server equipment Hewlett Packard.
Supply, installation and configuration of Oracle software


Experience you can trust

Our team is able to implement projects of any complexity. Our experience was obtained as a result of the introduction of more than 500 projects in almost all industries.

We specialize in the design, supply and implementation of complex programs. Most - in partnership with world leaders: Microsoft, IBM, Cisco, Teradata, Oracle.

Global Intecraty during their work has developed over 40 own spetsresheny for large companies, banks and government agencies.