Server farms
We offer computing solutions from individual servers to the datacenter consists of:

  • Server equipment from top brands (IBM, HP, Dell, etc.), RISC, x86-compatible architectures;
  • Server environment (server cabinets, UPS, KVM - Switches, etc.);
  • Client side - workstations and laptops;
  • Peripherals (printers, scanners, multifunction devices, etc.).


Storage Systems
We offer solutions and products from IBM, HP, Hitachi etc. brands for:

  • Storage, data processing - disc storage system architectures DAS, SAN, NAS;
  • Ensuring the availability and data recovery in case of loss/ damage - system backup/ recovery based on tape storage.


High availability and scalability
We offer solutions for building:

  • Failover Clusters (DBMS, file shares, etc. the system-wide services);
  • Systems Network Load Balancing (web applications, terminal solutions).


Virtualization Resources
Currently virtualization technology are becoming more widespread. The key benefits are:

  • Server consolidation - reducing the number of physical servers with more efficient loading of computing power;
  • Minimizing physical space requirements;
  • Reducing the cost of the equipment;
  • Flexibility and speed of deployment;
  • Ease of testing, modeling and development.

We propose the following algorithm to construct virtual services:

  • Survey infrastructure;
  • Design, feasibility study and planning of the transfer / build services in a virtual environment;
  • Building a resilient virtualized environments.


Monitoring and management of IT infrastructure
We offer design and construction of integrated monitoring systems that provide:

  • Monitoring of network services (mail, web, etc.) and download the channels of communication;
  • Monitor the status of servers and workstations (CPU load, disk usage, system events);
  • Remote monitoring and notification of responsible staff for email, sms and other means;
  • Visualization of the status of resources (charts, graphs, etc.).

Experience you can trust

Our team is able to implement projects of any complexity. Our experience was obtained as a result of the introduction of more than 500 projects in almost all industries.

We specialize in the design, supply and implementation of complex programs. Most - in partnership with world leaders: Microsoft, IBM, Cisco, Teradata, Oracle.

Global Intecraty during their work has developed over 40 own spetsresheny for large companies, banks and government agencies.