Protecting networks based firewalls, intrusion prevention systems, protection against DoS-attacks

Protect your resources from the impacts of the Internet, we will provide a combination of:

  • Firewall - organization rules to same network traffic on your network and the outside of your network to the outside;
  • Using intrusion prevention systems - Identification of, classification and blocking malicious traffic, highly intelligent network threat detection;
  • Protection against attacks such as Dos (Denial of Service, Denial of Service) - a set of preventive measures and the use of tools to cut off the attack without affecting legitimate users / services.


Protection against unauthorized disclosure of confidential information by DLP technology

Technologies to prevent leaks of confidential information from the information system (Data Leak Prevention, DLP) out, with the growth of information threats, are becoming increasingly important.

We offer comprehensive solutions to protect sensitive data in the destination system (end-point), network and storage systems.

Design and implementation of DLP-system consists of the following stages:

  • Survey infrastructure;
  • Classification of information privacy;
  • Determination of storage, data links;
  • Classification categories of personnel on access to information;
  • Creation and implementation of policies for information management and incident response;
  • Training.


Authentication and security on the basis of a public key infrastructure (PKI)

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI - Public Key Infrastructure) in the general case is a system: users (with a key pair - public-private key) and the CA keys (CA-user certificate store, confirming key certificates). On the basis of such infrastructures, we offer the following solutions:

  • Two-factor authentication system, using hardware key (eToken, etc.);
  • Organization of corporate e-mail with encryption and digital signature (DS);
  • Encryption of data on hard drives and other media;
  • Integration of applications systems for data encryption and digital signature using a so-called "Western" algorithms (RSA, DES-AES, etc.) and Ukrainian (based on Standard 34-310, 34-311, 28147, DSTU-4145).


Filtering and traffic analysis, anti-virus solutions

We will offer you the most suitable solutions for your business and the size of your organization, from enterprise-level, monitor and manage traffic at the perimeter of information system solutions to the class end-point, ensuring the protection of individual servers and workstations.

Functional solutions:

  • Filtering according to the rules the Web, e-mail and other traffic;
  • Protection against malicious code, including viruses, spam, etc.
  • Monitoring and notification of authorized personnel.


Backing up and restoring data

Continued operation of information systems, their availability is directly dependent on properly designed and implemented policies to backup / restore data.

We offer:

  • Development of optimal policy for your needs backup / restore;
  • Selection of hardware and software tools that provide both a corporate system backup / restore from scratch, integrating heterogeneous platforms, and process management, backup recovery for individual subsystems.

Experience you can trust

Our team is able to implement projects of any complexity. Our experience was obtained as a result of the introduction of more than 500 projects in almost all industries.

We specialize in the design, supply and implementation of complex programs. Most - in partnership with world leaders: Microsoft, IBM, Cisco, Teradata, Oracle.

Global Intecraty during their work has developed over 40 own spetsresheny for large companies, banks and government agencies.